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Welcome to StalMB

Training, scouting and trading

European Showjumpers, Hunters, Equitation- and Dressage horses.

StalMB offers your dream horse at competitive prices. Even including import and the costs of your trip to the Netherlands!

Why buy a horse in the Netherlands?


  • We can offer high quality horses.
  • It saves money. Even including the cost of your trip and including the import. We can offer you more quality for your budget.
  • It saves time. We can arrange that you can see up to 10-15 potential dream horses during your trip. All located in our small country. So no long travels.

Why choose StalMB?


  • According to your wishes and preferences, we'll make an appropriate selection. In an expanded network of topbreeders, professional horsetraders and amateurs.
  • We arrange your flight and hotel. And create a roadmap to visit all the potential dreamhorses, during your visit.
  • If required, we can mediate in the negotiations.
  • Once you found your new dream horse, we'll take care for the veterinary, bloodtests, shipping and all the other paperwork.

Hi, I'm Marjolein Bull.

I've a lifetime experience in breaking and competing (young) showjumpers.

I worked at an international showjumpers stable. Where I learned a lot in breaking, training and competing prospective showjumpers.

I've competed up to 1.35 level.

And since 2010 I run my own stable:


Located in Kessel, the Netherlands.

My days are filled with training, scouting and trading European Showjumpers, Hunters, Equitation- and Dressage horses.

If you are looking for something special, or have a question or comment.

Please don't hesitate to contact me !

Kind regards, Marjolein Bull


About Marjolein Bull

About StalMB - European Showjumpers

StalMB  Marjolein Bull   Tel: +31(0)6-19 162 172   E-mail: info@stalmb.nl